Zbrašov aragonite caves

Zbrašov Aragonite Caves
19. 7. 2013

Zbrašov aragonite caves: beauty created by geysers

The warmest caves in the Czech Republic with a temperature of 14 °C all year round can be found in the valley of the River Bečva in Teplice nad Bečvou spa. The warm mineral water rises up from great depths and creates unique cave decorations. Come and have a look at the geyser stalagmites and spherical sinter balls which are reminiscent of doughnuts. The tour lasts one hour and from a total length of 1,322 m, approximately a third is open to the public. Combine an adventurous visit to the caves with a walk to the nearby Hranice Abyss, the deepest abyss in the Czech Republic.

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