Chateau Zákupy

25. 2. 2014

Chateau with history

The last crowned King of Bohemia – Ferdinand I, Dobrotivý (the Gracious), from the Habsburg dynasty liked to stay in the chateau following his voluntary abdication as the Austrian Emperor in 1848.

In 1815 after the fall of Napoleon the Zákupy chateau was set as asylum for the general’s son called Orlík (small eagle) from the marriage with Marie Louise, the daughter of the Austrian Emperor Franz I. However, the young duke died of tuberculosis without seeing his new residence.

Why visit

He virtually never reigned himself, he was considered a nice, however, somewhat degenerated descendent of close blood relations of the European nobility who was in Vienna mockingly called “der arme Trottel Nandel”. Contrary to all expectations he lived to a ripe old age and looked well after his summer residence, which was expensively rebuilt for him.

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