Rudolf Jelínek Distillery Land

7. 5. 2013

Plum brandy heaven: Rudolf Jelínek Distillery Land

It is not only wine and beer which help to spread the good name of Moravia, but also plum brandy and starorežná. Archaeological finds have confirmed that spirits were produced here from sometime around the 14th century. Thanks to the suitable climate, over 70,000 plum trees grew in the area around Vizovice. Not only plum brandy, but also pear brandy, cherry brandy and other spirits can be found in the Rudolf Jelínek Distillery Land in Vizovice. Familiarise yourself with the main principles of production of this traditional spirit on the standard (one-hour) or expert (two-hour) excursion. You will be introduced to the process with the aid of a video projection and you will see a distillation column as well as learning about distilling, rectification and equalisation processes. At the end, in the tasting room, you will try three types of high quality spirit free of charge (of course only if you are aged 18 or over).

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