Colonnade at Reistna near Valtice

20. 9. 2013

Do you know where to get the best view of the landscape around the Lednice-Valtice Complex? We do: from Reistna hill over Valtice!

an impressive view over the Lednice-Valtice Complex and the town of Valtice, with its imposing Baroque chateau, will greet you from the top of Reistna hill. At this location, Prince Joseph I of Liechtenstein had a monumental Classicist colonnade, decorated with figures from ancient mythology, built. The inscriptions Son to father, brother to brothers in the centre of the north side of the colonnade and The only living son to unforgettable forebears in the centre of the south side, remembering the fact that, for the prince, the colonnade was a painful reminder, and memorial to, his deceased forebears. From Valtice a wine trail then leads from the hilltop, with the subsequent flat stretch serving as a viewing area.

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