Museum of Jewellery Making in Turnov

7. 5. 2013

Bohemian garnet in the Museum of Jewellery Making in Turnov

Bohemian Paradise and jewellery making have been an inseparable pair for a long time now. A vocational school was established in Turnov in 1884 and exists to this very day. The work of pupils and teachers win awards all around the world, sparkling among others at international exhibitions in Paris and St. Louis. It is thus no surprise that the Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov specialises in deposits of precious stones and the history of stone cutting and jewellery making. It owns collections on a European scale, the rarest exhibit from which can be seen in the so-called Treasury. You will for example find historical jewellery here made using Bohemian garnet, a hard mineral the colour of blood, which was already a valuable means of payment at the time of the movement of nations.

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