Ratibořice Chateau

Ratibořice Chateau
10. 4. 2014

Ratibořice: an Empire-style chateau in Grandmother’s Valley

“The Hall of Three Emperors” reminds us of the fact that in 1813, Katharina Wilhelmine, Duchess of Sagan lent her elegant manor house to host the secret negotiations between Austria, Russia and Prussia on a coalition against Napoleon which contributed to his fall and the new arrangement of Europe.

Why visit?

Intelligent, independent and on top of that attractive, Katharina Wilhelmine, Duchess of Sagan (in Czech Kateřina Zaháňská) had enchanted the highest European social circles with her charm and subtlety for many years; she was admired by prominent men of the early 19th century, from the Russian Tsar to the Austrian chancellor Metternich. She knew the whole of Europe, she was in her element when at the Viennese royal court, but she considered her summer residence amidst the beautiful countryside of East Bohemia as her real home.

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