Rabí Castle

Rabí Castle
7. 5. 2013

This dazzling white complex rises above the picturesque landscape over the River Otava.

The castle used to stand guard over a trade route between the towns of Sušice and Horažďovice and the rich alluvial fields of gold on the River Otava.

Nowadays, with its almost three kilometres of ramparts and walls, it makes up the largest Czech castle ruins. Look out over the countryside from a high fortified tower known as a donjon, or take in the exhibition of medieval tiles with figural decoration, which are a purely Czech speciality. Experience the place where the Hussite general Jan Žižka lost his second eye in June 1421.

Why visit?

Nearly 3 kilometres of ramparts encircle the largest Czech castle ruin boasting one of the most advanced defence systems of that time in Europe. The attractive medieval milieu is popular with fairytale and historical filmmakers. In 1967, director František Vláčil shot the most famous Czech art film “Markéta Lazarová” here.

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