Příbram Mining Museum

Awaiting you in Příbram are interesting underground tours, a ride on the mine train and unique sights.

The days when silver, iron and later uranium were mined in Příbram can be seen at the Mining Museum with its numerous expositions, mining structures, machinery, mining railways and other attractions. You can choose from several types of tours; for example, there is a ride on the mine train, a look down into the 1600 meter deep Prokop mine shafts or a visit to the several hundred year old Anna mine shafts. A big attraction for children is a descent into the Drkolnov underground mine along a more than 50 meter long slide and a tour of a water wheel with a diameter of 12 meters.


Hornické muzeum Příbram Náměstí Hynka Kličky 293 261 01 Příbram

GPS: 49.68275211386396, 13.987024784055393


+420 318 626 307



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