Svatá Hora near Příbram

Svatá Hora near Příbram
22. 7. 2013

Discover the beautiful pilgrimage site in Svatá Hora near Příbram

For more than 300 years a Marian pilgrimage site of European significance has towered over the city of Příbram. Even from afar you will be greeted by its spires and domes, which make it one of the most beautiful places of pilgrimage in Central Europe. A testament to its importance is the fact that more than a century ago Pope Pius X bestowed Svatá Hora (meaning Holy Mountain) with the title of basilica minor, which is granted to only the most important Christian churches in the world.

Whether you come to Svatá Hora for contemplation or to admire its spectacular beauty, definitely do not forget to see the most precious local gem: the Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary of Svatá Hora, which, according to legend, was carved from pear wood by Archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice himself – one of the foremost councillors in the court of Emperor Charles IV. This statue, like the world-famous Child of Prague, boasts a collection of rare garments brought here by pilgrims from all over the world. A stroll through the beautiful cloisters, with paintings and other art objects made by the most important artists of their time, is literally balm for the soul. You can also visit the Svatá Hora Pilgrimage Museum, which displays valuable objects from its own collections in seasonal exhibitions.

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