New Building of the National Museum in Prague

4. 6. 2014

The National Museum is expanding – the latest ‘addition to the family’ is the modern building that previously served as the headquarters of Radio Free Europe.

While beautiful, the monumental National Museum on Wenceslas Square in Prague has long been too small to accommodate the museum’s expanding collections, leading the museum to acquire its neighbour.

In previous times a money exchange stood on the site, which was replaced by a special superstructure. Up until 1992 the building was utilised by the Czechoslovak government, after which it became the headquarters of Radio Free Europe. The New Building increased the exhibition capacity of the National Museum by more than 3,000 m2 and visitors will be able to admire rare exhibits that the museum has not, thus far, been able to display, and there will also be a restaurant, museum shop and conference hall.

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