Black-Light Theatre

18. 9. 2014

Take a fantastical, playful look into worlds of darkness where objects move freely in space – this is the Prague black-light theatre!

Black-light theatre utilises a brilliantly simple trick: the main roles are played by actors dressed in black, performing in front of a black backdrop and therefore invisible to the audience, so that the objects they hold appear to move freely in space.

This spectacle, full of great ideas and crazy tricks, is a marvellous experience for audiences of all nationalities and ages. Visitors to Prague have several black light theatres to choose from. Theatres such as Divadlo Metro on Národní třída, All Colours Theatre on Rytířská street and the Srnec Theatre in the passage in the Broadway building in Na Příkopě street have travelled the world with their performances, picking up several awards along the way.

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