Chateau Ploskovice

25. 11. 2013

At the end of the 15th century a rebellion of serfs took place in the chateau and in the domain and its main protagonist was the defender of oppressed people, the Knight Dalibor of Kozojed.

As a punishment he was put as the fi rst prisoner in the new dungeon in the Prague Castle and executed. His story came alive in the 19th century in the period of Romanticism, when thanks to the patriotic opera “Dalibor” by Bedřich Smetana, he directly became a symbol of Czech music.

Why visit

It is said that for this luxurious Baroque chateau, which would equal the structures of foreign nobility, the ambitious Anna Maria Franziska, the Grand Duchess of Tuscany paid an outrageous sum of more than one million guldens. She cared so much about the construction of “small Versailles” that she personally followed the construction and every week she paid out all the workers. In order to hide the price for her lavishness from her husband, she burned all bills at the end, so there is no document about either the exact time of construction or about the architect.

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