Ostrava Dinopark and Zoo

Ostrava Zoo and Dinopark
2. 12. 2013

Ostrava Zoo and Dinopark: a trip through the Mesozoic Era

At the Ostrava Zoo you can watch the animals be fed with commentary, meet the elephant Tarzan with its young, and see a rare lemur. If you would like to walk among the dinosaurs, an exciting experience awaits you in the Dinopark, where the DinoExpres zoo train will take you to otherwise inaccessible places. You will see an assortment of scale-model dinosaurs and a presentation of finds from the Proterozoic, Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras. The Dinopark also has a rare tree – Wollemia nobilis – a living fossil from 200 million years ago. Additionally, you can visit a 3D cinema and a palaeontology playground and enjoy refreshments at the DinoCafé and DinoGrill.

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