Ruins of Orlík Castle

Orlík Castle
25. 11. 2013

The period of greatest glory of Orlík came after the year 1802 with Karl Philipp Schwarzenberg.

When he was only 16 years old he started a brilliant military career, first in the personal guard of the Austrian Emperor, then four years later he was already a colonel and very soon a marshal and the commander-in-chief of anti-Napoleon troops. His 237,000 men then definitively crushed the French army of the Emperor Napoleon in the Battle of Nations at Leipzig in 1813.

Why visit?

A wooden castle like an eagle’s nest was built on a steep rock above the Vltava River in the 13th century and in later centuries it gained the appearance of a stone Gothic castle for the royal garrison. However, the rock and the settlement below the castle were swallowed up by a dam in the 20th century, but the impressive appearance and the ancient name Orlík (Small Eagle) were preserved.

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