Artillery fortifications of Bouda

A tour of this extensive underground is an experience for all lovers of the military!

The artillery fortifications of Bouda, together with Fort Hůrka, were the largest part of the 1935-1938 pre-war defense fortifications. Both lie near the city of Králíka and both are open to the public. The extensive underground of Bouda offers several types of tours, from the short route to a five-hour tour for true enthusiasts. Be sure to wear strong hiking shoes and warm clothing, because down there the temperature is a constant 8–10°C. The shortest route to Bouda runs from Suchý vrch along the red trail (3 km).


Muzeum československého opevnění - dělostřelecká tvrz Bouda 561 66 Těchonín

GPS: 50.06934855772699, 16.677168845999404


+420 777 647 114





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