Chateau Náměšť na Hané

22. 11. 2013

František Ottáhal, the iron merchant, bought the estate with a French style chateau, to which avenues of centuries-old lime trees are converged from four sides, from the Count Kinsky, the last aristocratic owner, in 1916.

He paid 2.3 million Austrian Crowns for it and invested other big sums into the modernization of his residence, which should refl ect his property upturn. The family lost its property a few weeks after the end of the Second World War. It was one of the fi rst confi scations in Czechoslovakia according to the Decree of president Beneš on seizing the property of Germans.

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A beautiful carriage of the Olomouc archbishop appeared in the fi lm of Miloš Forman “Amadeus”, but also other carriages from the local historic collection are extraordinary; mainly the three unique richly gilded carriages used for ceremonial occasions. The velvet and gold embroidered seats are fi lled with eiderdown and the curtains are sewn from rare brocade. The length of the carriage with six thoroughbred horses was up to 15 metres, and the biggest carriage is more than 3.5 metres high and weighs over 2 tonnes.

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