Chateau Náchod

Albrecht von Wallenstein came, by the mother’s line, from the Smiřický family, the long-time owners of the Náchod estate.

In the 17th century they owned the most extensive lands in the Czech Kingdom, including tens of castles and towns. However, the property was confi scated by the Emperor from the last heiress, who took sides with the Czech nobility’s revolt in 1620. Shortly after, the chateau was confi scated by the Emperor also from Adam Erdman Trčka, who, as a brother in law and trustee of Albrecht, was murdered together with him, in 1634 in Cheb during the liquidation of the so called Wallenstein’s conspiracy.


Zámek 1282, Náchod 547 01

GPS: 50.41858425998436, 16.161866357031872


+420 491 426 201





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