Moravská Třebová Chateau

8. 8. 2014

Visit the chateau in Moravská Třebová and discover the secrets of the Renaissance and mediaeval alchemists!

Before the Thirty Years’ War, the town of Moravská Třebová, located on the border area between Bohemia and Moravia, was a centre of humanistic learning, known as the Athens of Moravia.

The chief tourist attraction is the marvellous Renaissance chateau with its arcaded courtyard. Several tour routes guide you through the history of Moravská Třebová and life in both town and countryside. Visitors can also view the highly authentic mediaeval dungeon or visit the alchemistic laboratory of Master Bonacina, who, during his time at the chateau,  tried to discover ‘liquid gold’, the elixir of eternal youth. Try it for yourself and see how he got on!

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