Chateau Mnichovo Hradiště

29. 4. 2013

Václav Budovec, the founder of the chateau and a signifi cant Protestant politician, a writer and a patriot, was executed in 1621 as one of the main leaders of the Czech revolt against the Emperor.

His confi scated chateau and the whole estate were acquired by Albrecht von Wallenstein, the Emperor’s general, as another part of his huge and expanding property. After several years his life was also prematurely ended – he was done away with by assassins in order to prevent his plans of crowning his starry career with a coronation to become Czech king. His body following many transfers, 150 years after his death, was laid to rest in the St. Anna Chapel, close to the chateau.

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The family of Wallensteins found a perfectly luxurious manor at the western promontory of the magnifi cent land of the Bohemian Paradise, exactly in accordance with the family slogan “In defi ance of envy!” (Invita invidia!)

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