Milotice Castle

29. 4. 2013

This Pearl on the string of Moravian Baroque chateaux is situated in the middle of fertile vineyards and wine cellars in the Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia) region, on the Moravian wine path.

Serényi, by origin a Hungarian count, spent most of his time at the Emperor’s court in Vienna; however, he often invited selected Viennese society to his Milotice estate, mainly to boast about his unique collection of thoroughbred horses, stalled in the luxurious environment of the chateau stables. Portraits of the 32 most precious stallions are exhibited at the chateau.

Why visit

The chateau acquired its appearance comprising the French Baroque garden, pheasantry, orangeries, a riding hall and a stable, in the 18th century under the family of Serény, after the old manor was twice ravaged by foreign raiders.

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