Museum of the Jewish Community in Mikulov

Mikulov - Jewish cemetery
7. 5. 2013

In the footsteps of the Golem to the Jewish Museum in Mikulov

For centuries Mikulov was a major Jewish centre in Moravia. This means their heritage is still very much an on-going concern. Come and visit the local museum and reveal the turbulent fate of the Jewish population, one which produced Rabbi Löw, a figure enveloped in myths and legends.

Rabbi Löw was the head Rabbi of Moravia and lived and worked in Mikulov for 20 years. And it was he who is supposed to have created the clay figure of the Golem. According to the legend, the monster is at rest in the attic of the Old-New Synagogue in Prague. However, another legend claims that it is buried in Mikulov.

The Jewish Museum can be found within the local synagogue, the only one to have survived in the Mikulov ghetto. You can see period photographs as well as precious items used in religious life, Jewish holidays and traditional ceremonies, which have come from other Jewish museums and the communities in Prague, Mikulov and Brno. During the summer tourist season you can also borrow a key and explore the Jewish cemetery with its 4,000 gravestones and an incomparable atmosphere.

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