Mikulov Castle

Mikulov Castle
8. 8. 2014

Fires became fatal for the highly visible Baroque chateau up above the town.

It burned to the ground for the last time a few days before the end of the World War Two when the German Army was retreating. Thanks to the initiative of local inhabitants the chateau was soon sensitively restored and adjusted for the needs of the Regional Museum.

Why visit?

The town of Mikulov is situated in the very centre of the wine-growing region of South Moravia in the magnificent Pálava nature reserve. In addition to stops at local and family wine cellars or tasting of wines in wine bars and wine restaurants, the visit also includes the historic chateau cellar with expositions of traditional viticulture. The huge richly decorated Renaissance wine cask with a volume of 101,400 litres and weight of 26.1 tonnes is the largest one in the Czech Republic.

The Museum expositions represent, in addition to the local viticulture, the history of the chateau and the aristocratic family of Dietrichsteins, archaeology and attractive seasonal exhibitions.

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