Chateau Manětín

22. 11. 2013

Manětín owes for its unmistakable atmosphere to sculptures scattered around the whole town and lining the main road leading to Pilsen

The stone fi gures of saints, telamones, allegories of elements or human characteristics look down from their pedestals in the chateau, in the cemetery, inside the fountains, and from the terraces in front of the chateau’s windows. The tradition was established at the end of the 18th century, when the aristocracy sent the local stonemason to serve his apprenticeship with the famous Jan Brokoff ’s Prague workshop.

Why visit

A discreet town, harmonized with the chateau into a unique whole called “The Baroque Pearl of Western Bohemia”. Following a great fi re at the beginning of the 18th century the Count Lažanský invited leading artists of the Czech High Baroque to perform an entire reconstruction of his seat.

The tour represents life in the chateau under the Lažanský family, in particular under Marie Gabriela, who married into the family, and had a special set of 13 paintings portraying her servants painted.

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