Nový kostel in Litomyšl

19. 4. 2014

Nový kostel in Litomyšl: a harmony of faith and modernism

Proof that Litomyšl is not just a city of superb historical architecture but also a place that supports modern architecture is the Nový kostel (New Church) here. This highly original church building from 2010 is an outstanding example of contemporary architecture and harmoniously integrates with the historical city centre and the castle complex, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Opinions on this church still vary. What is yours?

At first glance the building of Nový kostel looks nothing like a traditional church. All you have to do is take a walk around the building and suddenly you start discovering details that give it an unusual dimension. Do the pitched roofs remind you of highway ramps? Could that be a glass cross placed on its highest point, and aren’t the windows innovatively designed? Whether you visit the church during one of the regular services or just as a curious tourist, its gates will always be open to you. Local people often gather here for cultural events too, including lectures, exhibitions, educational activities and theatre performances. Nový kostel is becoming a lively centre of faith, art and social life in this beautiful city.

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