Craft Museum in Letohrad

Letohrad Museum of Crafts
7. 5. 2013

Craft Museum in Letohrad: more than 50 memorable displays

The Nový Dvůr Craft Museum in Letohrad is the largest museum of its kind in the Czech Republic. More than 50 exhibitions of crafts and trades from the years 1840 to 1930 present the work of wheelwrights, cabinetmakers, shingle-makers, woodcarvers and many other interesting professions. Notable exhibits are a mechanical display of craftsmen at work made by a skilled woodcarver. You can see how a schoolroom looked a century ago. Lovers of historical cars will also find plenty to interest them. After visiting the three-story exhibition, you can have a pleasant meal at the rustic Nový Dvůr restaurant built in a Baroque granary. In the surrounding area you can visit the Častolovice Chateau or the Bouda artillery fort.

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