The Temple of Diana (Rendezvous)

20. 9. 2013

Amongst the fairytale buildings deep in the forests near Valtice is the massive victory arch or hunting-lodge known as the Temple of Diana.

Minor Romantic structures were intended for the amusement of the nobility and their guests within the Lednice-Valtice Complex, and the Temple of Diana is like a revelation – as you approach it, the building is hidden behind tall trees until the last moment. It is, in reality, a hunting-lodge in the Empire style, which was, like other buildings in the area, conceived by J. Hardmuth; his vision was then brought to life by the architect J. Kornhäusel. The lodge served as the traditional starting-point for the grand Lichtenstein hunts and chases. The chateau facades are decorated with reliefs inspired by ancient mythology, and inside is a richly decorated main hall and huntsman’s apartment.

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