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Králíky Military Museum

Králíky Military Museum

Learn about the army and about the history of Czechoslovak fortifications dating back to 1938 in the most modern museum with this specialisation in the Czech Republic. You will see heavy combat equipment and military hardware, a collection of ammunition, weapons and military equipment. Get to know the heroes of the Czechoslovak and Czech army from the time after the Munich Agreement until the present day. The museum also includes a huge demonstration area designed for demonstration of combat and heavy military equipment in motion and in action. You will also learn here where to set out for if you want to visit well-preserved buildings in the system of fortifications which was created before World War Two or to see the monuments and war memorials in the Králíky fortification area.


Prostřední Lipka 1, 561 69 Králíky

GPS: 50.08485205068915, 16.759971002937277


+420 608 478 732



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