Klášterec nad Ohří Chateau

19. 4. 2014

The Thuns acquired the Renaissance chateau in 1621 as a cheap confiscate from the previous owner, who participated in the Czech nobility’s uprising against the Habsburg hegemony.

However, the Thirty Years War caught up with them too: the Swedish army plundered and vandalized the chateau twice. A costly rebuilding was necessary, this time in the Baroque style.

Why visit?

When at the end of the 18th century the chateau bailiff Weber performed experiments with kaolin just discovered in the surrounding area, he could not have anticipated that the porcelain of Klášterec would become famous all over the world. His first unskilled products were far removed from the snow-white translucent porcelain from distant Asia. He overcame the failures by persistent efforts and in 1794 he founded a factory, which has been in continuous operation until today under the name of the chateau owners, the Thun family.

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