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Štěpánka Lookout in the Jizera Mountains

Discover the oldest lookout point in the Jizera Mountains!

Seldom do you find so many lookout points in the Czech Republic as you do in the Jizera Mountains. The oldest among them is a popular stop for cyclists and hikersŠtěpánka Lookout, known as the queen of the Jizera Mountains. This tower with romantic battlements sits on Hvězda (Star) Peak at an altitude of 958 meters was supposedly built in 1847 by Prince Rohan. The shortest path to Štěpánka is on the blue trail starting at the station in Kořenov, so you can combine your trip with a ride on the legendary cog train from Tanvald to Harrachov.


Rozhledna Štěpánka Kořenov 280 468 50 Tanvald

GPS: 50.746443750005305, 15.3658990857366


+420 725 805 266



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Feb 17, 2017Feb 19, 2017


Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!
Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!


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