Chateau Jánský Vrch

22. 11. 2013

For a period of 600 years the chateau and the extensive territory belonged to the bishops in the Polish Wroclaw.

The Wroclaw bishops and archbishops gradually created a monumental Baroque chateau from the medieval castle and used it as a summer residence. In the honour of their patron, John the Baptist, they renamed it to Jánský Vrch.

Why visit

The chateau on the rocky hill above the town close to the border with Poland was the centre of erudition and culture in the most northern tip of Silesia for many years. It stands out for unusual technological peculiarities: a water main was already here at the turn of the 18th and the 19th centuries and in 1906–1932 gas chandeliers and lamps were used in the interiors and in the main courtyard.

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