Chateau Hořovice

29. 4. 2013

The old Czechs had an original method of how to tackle political disputes: they simply dumped the disliked offi cer from the windows of Prague Castle.

Jaroslav Bořita of Martinice, the cruel royal proconsul survived the defenestration miraculously, however, the owner of the Hořovice chateau, Jan Litvín of Říčany, who personally dumped Bořita, ended very badly. He lost not only Hořovice, which the family Martinice gained as a confi scate, but also all other property. This event foreshadowed the Thirty Years’ War.

Why visit

The nationalized chateau was plundered immediately after the end of the Second World War by the Red Army, which temporarily stayed there. Then the devastated facility was used by anyone until it had to be closed down due to its critical condition. In the last 25 years it has undergone an incredible transformation to its previous glamour. Beautifully furnished chambers again present the chateau’s history and the ground fl oor houses a unique exhibition of musical devices and music boxes.

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