Frýdlant Chateau

Frýdlant Chateau
7. 8. 2014

Terra felix – land of joy – was the name given to the Frýdlant estate under the reign of Duke Albrecht of Waldstein.

This ambitious European politician gained a fabulous fortune after the Battle of White Mountain and his estate did nothing but flourish.

However, after his murder a Swedish garrison established itself in the chateau and the location did not manage to evade the hardships of the drawn-out Thirty Years War. The castle, converted into a chateau during the Renaissance, was already opened to the public in 1801. It thus became the oldest castle museum in Central Europe. One point of interest for you is the armoury, where you will find thousands of weapons dating from the 12th century up until World War One as well as an exhibition devoted to Albrecht of Waldstein.

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