Duchcov Chateau

Duchcov Chateau
3. 4. 2014

The name Giacomo Casanova brings to mind several racy amorous adventures.

It was precisely here that the Italian philanderer put them down in writing, so we too could know of them.

The hot-blooded Italian did not allegedly take much of a liking to Bohemia although he did spend the last thirteen years of his life here. Visit Casanova’s grave and the chateau where he worked as a librarian. You will also see a museum devoted to this great lover during the tour of the chateau. J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, F. Schiller and J. W. Goethe also stayed in the spectacular residence of the powerful Waldstein family. You will also see how the chateau handled the avid coal mining operations here – you will find a beautiful Baroque fresco transferred to the modern pavilion in the chateau park.

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