Chateau Dobříš

22. 11. 2013

The magnificent Rococo style residence from the 18th century.

The magnificent residence from the 18th century fully resembling the period, taste and style of the French King Louis XVI, appealed so much to the Nazis during the Second World War that they dispossessed the aristocratic owners of it. For the period of another 50 years it served as “the House of writers” for recreational and creative stays of pro-regime artists and other prominent persons.

Why visit

The attractive and opulent milieu of the Rococo style chateau surrounded by a rare garden with fl ower ornaments, cut hedges and sculptures, evokes the atmosphere of the Viennese Schönbrunn. That is also the reason why fi lm-makers of fairy tales, concert organizers or participants in private celebrations and weddings seek it so much.

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