Seidl Photographic Studio

Seidl Photographic Studio
7. 5. 2013

Discover the magic of yesteryear at the Seidl Photographic Studio

Are you also a fan of the romantic world of black-and-white photography, capturing times long since gone by? Then be sure to pay a visit to Český Krumlov’s Seidl Photographic Studio. Be wowed by a place which reveals the story of photography’s beginnings, the troubled fate of the photographer’s profession and a precious record of life around the borders with Germany and Austria in the earlier 20th century.

The exhibition at the studio of Josef and František Seidl will surprise you with its authenticity – an incredible amount of period snaps, postcards, plate glass negatives, well preserved and still functional cameras, magnifying instruments and darkroom equipment is on display. The collection is enhanced by the Seidls’ personal notes, diaries, customer records and the original fittings and furnishings of the apartment where they lived.

The studio also hosts regular lectures and special events. It’s also still very much a living place where photography and local history fans hold their meetings.

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