Castle Museum in Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov
14. 2. 2014

Castle Museum in Český Krumlov: Explore the oldest part of the castle

Sending you back in time to the era when prominent noblemen ruled Český Krumlov from the castle, the year-round exhibition can be found in the Castle Museum in the second of five courtyards.

The storerooms of the so-called Hrádek, the oldest section of the castle, hold a collection of stone statues. You then move on to the Hall of the Lords of the Rose where you’ll learn about the glorious deeds of the powerful Vítkovec family. In the Hall of the Krumlov Dukes you’ll be acquainted with the Habsburg era when the rulers of Bohemia held sway here through the Eggenberg family from Styria. Packed with sacred art, the treasury sheds light on spiritual life here and the Catholic faith. You can also have a look round the mint, the armoury and many other interesting places. The tour comes to an end with a film dating back to the early 20th century.

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