Brewery museum in Plzeň

12. 2. 2014

Take a look behind the scenes in Plzeň and see the brewmasters from the famous brewery at work making the best beer in the world!

The story of beer from antiquity to the present is told by the Brewery Museum, based in the original brewing-house in the historic centre of Plzeň.

This entertaining, educational exhibition presents production processes, the secrets of production and different ways of serving and drinking this hops-based drink over the centuries. Visitors can view, for example, mediaeval cellars, the interior of a village pub from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century and an overview of drinking-vessels through the ages. Another part of the museum is devoted to collection of beer-related items and curiosities, as well as a functional model of the brewing-room of a steam brewery with a capacity of thirty litres of beer per batch.

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