Bítov Castle

11. 8. 2014

This Gothic castle, refashioned under the gaze of the romantic eyes of the 19th century, rises up above the nearby confluence of the Dyje and Želetavka.

The main attractions for visitors are the castle prison, dungeon and torture chamber, where you can try out various things for yourself.

Children will be entertained by the scary exhibition in the former chateau brewery. They will see all the things they know from their fairytales here – fabulous monsters, dragons and basilisks. One of the largest private zoological gardens in Europe was located here during the First Republic. Apart from live animals, the owner of the castle, Baron Jiří Haas of Hasenfels, also loved stuffed ones, his collection of dogs currently being included in the Guinness Book of Records. Explore the extensive zoological collection of domestic and foreign animals and trophies.

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