Time and climate Time and climate 1

Time and climate

The 24-hour clock is generally used in the Czech Republic in printed materials and on digital clocks. The 12-hour clock is also used when speaking colloquially or in relation to analogue clocks.

The week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are not working days.

The time zone GMT (UTC) +1 applies throughout the territory of the whole Czech Republic, i.e. CET (+0). Winter and summer time are used in the Czech Republic.

The clocks go forward on the last Sunday in March at 2:00 CET to 3:00 CEST. The clocks then go back on the last Sunday in October from 3:00 CEST to 2:00 CET. Summer time (an hour more) thus applies here from roughly April to October.

Climate and weather

Similarly to other Central European countries, the Czech Republic has a moderate climate with four seasons. Similarly as seen in the whole of the northern moderate climate band, the start of the year is marked by a cold winter, mostly with an abundance of snow; summers are usually hot without any extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Detailed information about the climate in the Czech Republic and the current weather forecast can be found here.