Basic rules of the road in Czechia

Feel at home on the road? Read some basic rules that help to keep things in order on Czech roads.

Emergency number: 112
Police: 158
Fire brigade: 150
Ambulance: 155

Basic rules

As is the case in the rest of continental Europe, people drive on the right in the Czech Republic. Every car on the road must have its lights switched on all day, every day of the year. There is a strict ban on the drinking of alcohol; motorists must even undergo a breath test every time they are stopped by the police. When travelling with children weighing less than 36 kg or less than 150 cm tall, don’t forget to take a children’s car seat with you to avoid problems. In winter, snow conditions in the Czech Republic can be highly changeable, so between 1 November and 31 March don’t tempt fate and, just to be safe, make sure that your car has winter tyres fitted. Phoning without a hands-free set is forbidden.

  • Driving in built-up areas
    The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km/h (30 mph). In larger towns you’ll definitely encounter trams; if they’re travelling parallel to you and turn left or right, always give way. Drivers are also obliged to stop and allow pedestrians to cross the street safely when at marked crossings. This does not, however, apply to tram drivers!
  • Driving outside built-up areas
    The speed limit is 90 km/h (55 mph).
  • Driving on high-speed roads
    The maximum permitted speed on motorways and major roads intended for motor vehicles is 130 km/h (80 mph).


Vehicle accidents must always be reported to the police if a person is injured or killed, damage is caused to a third party, or material damage to a value exceeding 100,000 CZK is caused to a vehicle belonging to any party to the accident. In the event that an obligation to report an event to the police does not occur, parties to an accident are obliged to write a joint record of the accident – the use of a so-called Euro-form is recommended.

In the event of an accident or emergency stop, signs displaying the distance from the start of the road are placed every 500 m along motorways or major roads. Arrows on these signs indicate the direction to the nearest emergency telephone.

Czech Republic a safe destination

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