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Restaurants and accommodation

The Czech Republic offers a wide range of various types of accommodation as well as options for wining and dining – the choice is yours.

Whether you prefer travelling in a grand style and wish to treat yourself to the very best or you are one of those people who appreciate authentic experiences more than luxury, in the Czech Republic you will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation and restaurants. There are several establishments that proudly boast the prestigious Michelin star award, there are superb luxury hotels as well as little pubs with a typical Czech atmosphere and there are hostels where you can meet travellers from all over the world.

Restaurants, bars, pubs

Restaurants in the Czech Republic mostly stay open late into the night, but the kitchen usually closes before the actual establishment. If you want to dine, you should definitely arrive at the restaurant sometime before 10 p.m. Bars are open longer and some run non-stop.

In the spring and the summer some restaurants set up outside seating areas on the streets or yards. In Prague they can stay open only to 10 p.m. as the city regulation bans noise and disturbance during night-time hours. However, each town can make their own rules on this matter and so it is possible to experience a great atmosphere full of late night fun and entertainment on the streets of Brno, for example.

The Czech Republic allows smoking in public, and the same applies for restaurants as well. Some restaurant proprietors ban smoking in their establishments while others have separate smoking and non-smoking areas, but it is possible to find yourself in a restaurant where smoking is allowed without restriction. The no smoking rule needs to be observed in public buildings and at public transport stops. In the Czech Republic cigarettes and other tobacco products may be purchased only by people over 18 years of age (which also applies to alcohol).

Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, camps

Hotels, ranging from the most luxurious to those more ordinary, can be found throughout the Czech Republic. The price per room obviously depends on the type of hotel and the distance from the city centre. But you will always be able to make the right choice for you whether you prioritize accessibility, opulence, price, or experience.

Hostels are quite common in larger towns and tourist centres. This type of accommodation is often preferred by students or travellers who are on a limited budget. However, this does not mean that they need to have low expectations. Hostels in tourist centres in particular tend to be of a very high level.
Representing widely used accommodation facilities in the country, guesthouses are smaller establishments often offering family atmosphere. You will find them in larger towns too, but they are a really good choice of accommodation in smaller towns and villages. You cannot expect the services of a top-class hotel, but frequently you can enjoy a really cosy and homely ambience.

Accommodation wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature can be found in the dense network of campsites spread around the Czech Republic. Campsites are usually located along rivers and near lakes or reservoirs. For a more detailed map, look here. The accommodation offer usually covers stays in one’s own tent or rented tents and chalets.

Special requirements?

If you expect special services from hotels or guesthouses, we have some tips which you may find useful when you look for accommodation…

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