Rabštejn nad Střelou - Jewish cemeteryRabštejn nad Střelou - Jewish cemeteryMagdalena Strašková1
Plzeň - Great SynagoguePlzeň - Great SynagogueLadislav Renner2
Švihov CastleŠvihov CastleMagdalena Strašková3
Rokycany - Jewish cemeteryRokycany - Jewish cemeteryMagdalena Strašková4
Kasejovice - synagogueKasejovice - synagogueMagdalena Strašková5
Přeštice - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin MaryPřeštice - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin MaryMagdalena Strašková6
Plzeň - Great SynagoguePlzeň - Great SynagogueLadislav Renner7

Along the Jewish trails in the Plzeň Region

The Jewish trails of the Plzeň Region!

The Plzeň Region is a place where for centuries people belonging to various cultures and faiths lived side by side. They left behind a number of sites which can still be admired today. An integral part of the history of the Plzeň Region is the Jewish community, whose buildings, traditions and customs are very much alive today. Set out on a journey of discovery to reveal the story behind the Jewish houses, synagogues and cemeteries of the region. Jewish trails through the Plzeň Region will help you do this, taking in the most significant places associated with a community that was an essential part of Czech culture for a millennium.