Mountain cabins in the Krkonoše Mountains

Mountain chalets in the Krkonoše Mountains
29. 4. 2013

Krkonoše mountain cabins: lodgings with or without electricity

If you come to one of the oldest cabins in the Krkonoše Mountains – Dvoračky – you will have right at your feet a famous Czech trail leading through the Labská meadow, which has a history dating back to the 10th century. In addition to comfortable accommodation you will appreciate the restaurant’s menu, from which you can order home-cooked dishes and Bavarian doughnuts straight from the onsite bakery. For more adventurous spirits there is also accommodation at the Vosecká chalet in the western Krkonoše, near the Mumlava Waterfalls and the source of the Elbe River. In this hikers’ hostel you will have to do without electricity after 10 pm; there is only emergency lighting. The Vosecká chalet produces its own electrical power.

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