Indoor activities for children

25. 11. 2013

Toy and puppet museums, indoor fun parks, science centres, sea aquaria and indoor mirror mazes – where to take the kids when it’s raining?

Don’t know where to go for a trip when it’s raining, snowing or freezing? Even if the weather’s bad there are plenty of places to go on trips where there’s fun for the whole family. Here are some tips on where to find indoor fun parks, interactive museums, science centres full of mysteries and experiments and sea aquaria. You won’t be bored!

Science is fun!

Don’t believe it? Then take your children to Techmanie in Plzeň or iQpark in Liberec. These interactive attractions will open you up to the world of science and technology. Children won’t have to worry about boring memorising, but can take part in games, experiments, clues and answers, and will often have to engage all their senses: not only can they see and touch, but also hear, smell and, in some cases, even taste exhibits.

Let’s stay in Liberec for a moment. In Centrum Babylon, apart from iQpark, the aquapark and lunapark, you will also find Labyrint, the biggest mirror maze in Europe. If your children like dinosaurs, take them to the Plaza shopping centre in Liberec, where they can visit the DinoPark, with models of prehistoric animals. This DinoPark differs from others in the Czech Republic in only one crucial detail: you’ll be protected from the whims of the weather under a roof!

Fun for the kids

Small children, too, can amuse themselves for hours on end in indoor fun parks, which are springing up like proverbial mushrooms in all large towns in the Czech Republic and can frequently be found in large shopping centres. Children can expect a number of attractions for a day full of fun and movement, no matter what the weather’s like. Fun parks are usually in a big hall that’s heated in winter and cooled in summer. In Brno you can visit the Bongo fun park, in Zlín the Galaxie fun park, in Hradec Králové the Tongo family fun park and in Ostrava you can take your children to the Jojo park fun centre. In the Hopsárium in České Budějovice you can even go up a climbing-tower and down a chute with your children.

Toys, animals and trains

Already told off your children, let them have their fun and it’s still raining outside? Then it’s high time to take them somewhere else, say to the Railway Kingdom (Království železnic) in Prague. In many ways this, the largest model railway in the Czech Republic , moulded to the shape of the landscape and with models of monuments and many other details, resembles the real Czech Republic. It even experiences night and day!

Take your curious little smart-alecs to the Time Exhibition (Expozice času) in Šternberk. Exhibits or interactive programmes were provided for this modern, unusual exhibition by more than 20 museums in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Come to the exhibition and see how time runs faster in Šternberk than anywhere else!

Do your children like animals? Why not try something different from your normal zoo and take them to Sea World (Mořský svět) in Prague, the largest sea aquarium in the Czech Republic, or to the Giant Aquarium in Hradec Králové. Banish bad moods at toy and puppet museums, which you can find in, for example, the Prague Castle complex in Prague, Benátky nad Jizerou ChateauČeský Krumlov or in the Měnín Gate in Brno. Characters of all sizes, theatre and merry tales await children in the Puppet Museum in Plzeň, and in Police nad Metují you’ll find the museum of famous Czech construction toy, Merkur.

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