Estate TheaterEstate Theater© Národní divadlo1
Český KrumlovČeský Krumlov© Archiv státního zámku Český Krumlov2
Český KrumlovČeský Krumlov© Archiv státního zámku Český Krumlov3
KačinaKačina© Ondřej Svoboda4
KačinaKačina© Ondřej Svoboda5
Mnichovo HradištěMnichovo Hradiště© Ondřej Svoboda6
Mnichovo HradištěMnichovo Hradiště© Václav Stibůrek7
LitomyšlLitomyšl© Ivan Ulrich8

Czech Historical Theatres

Go back in time and experience how the theatre functioned in times long past!

Historical – mostly castle – theaters in the Czech Republic are part of the so-called Imperial Route connecting the historical theatres of the Czech Republic and Austria accessible to the public. They represent the most valuable items preserved in the area of historical theatre architecture. The Imperial Route of historical theatres is the fifth of eleven international routes, which in 2016 will become part of the European Route of historical theatres.