Mionší Forest Mionší Forest 1
Boubín Forest Boubín Forest 2
Dvorský Forest in Krkonoše Dvorský Forest in Krkonoše 3
Mionší Forest Mionší Forest 4
Boubín Forest Boubín Forest 5
Ghost of the Forest adventure trail Ghost of the Forest adventure trail 6
Žofín Forest Žofín Forest 7

Forests in the Czech Republic

Forests: narrow paths, nature trails and adventure in the wild!

You needn’t be afraid in Czech forests! Instead of palm trees and exotic trees, you will discover spruce, firs, beeches, maples and elms, and instead of wild beasts, you can catch a glimpse of the famous residents of mountain meadows and forests. And most importantly you can get an idea of how the forests of Central Europe looked thousands of years ago.