Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays

What public holidays are there in the Czech Republic and when do children have school holidays?

The Czech Republic has 13 public holidays, when similarly as at weekends children don’t go to school and adults have a day off work. Therefore, offices and other institutions, such as banks and post offices, are shut. On public holidays large stores and shopping centres are closed.


Offices are closed at weekends as are post offices, banks, pharmacies and shops in smaller towns. This is not the case with shopping centres, which are open at weekends and on public holidays (except for Christmas). Shops in the centres of cities are generally also open.
Public transport services usually have different timetables on public holidays and at weekends.
If you wish to find out what will go on in the Czech Republic (and not only at weekends), check out our calendar of events, where you can find information about the best events throughout the country.

Public holidays

January 1st – Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State, New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

May 1st – Labour Day

May 8th – Liberation Day

July 5th – Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

July 6th - Jan Hus Day

September 28th - St. Wenceslas Day (Czech Statehood Day)

October 28th - Independent Czechoslovak State Day

November 17th - Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

December 24th - Christmas Eve

December 25th - Christmas Day

December 26th - St. Stephen’s Day

School holidays

The longest holidays take place in summer, starting on July 1 and ending on August 31. These two months in the Czech Republic are a synonym for summer activities such as biking or mountain hiking.
The Christmas holiday also stretches over a few more days, usually starting a day or two before Christmas Eve and ending after New Year’s Day. In this period public transport services may run to a special "holiday" timetable.
In addition, children in the Czech Republic have a week of spring holiday, determined within a certain range by each district individually, so it does not affect everyday life. A common activity for the spring holiday is to venture out to mountains, still covered in snow at that time.

What to do – if at the weekend or public holiday...

... you need to change money…

Bureaux de change operate at weekends too, especially in tourist destinations. You can draw money out from an ATM, just watch out for the fees. More details here.

... to buy food…

Supermarkets and shopping centres are open at weekends. Smaller grocery stores tend to be open even on public holidays. Moreover, restaurants, cafés and bars are open too.

... to buy medicaments…

Pharmacies located within the shopping centres operate also on public holidays and at weekends unlike street pharmacies.

... you need a doctor…

In urgent cases go to the emergency ward at a hospital. Important phone numbers can be found here.

... you want to visit a place of interest…

There is no need to worry, places of interest in the Czech Republic are open on public holidays and at weekends. While Monday is a closing day.