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Traditional handicrafts at Bernard Farm

Bernard Farm: Try your hand at traditional handicrafts

The renovated Bernard Farm is a centre for traditional handicrafts in Královské Poříčí – here workshops for pottery, stained glass, design and candle-making await. If you don’t have the time for a day course, you can always go for an hour-long taster in woodwork, stained glass production and other skills. During interactive tours you can see exhibitions showcasing agriculture, period carriages and a model of a blacksmith’s workshop with moving parts, as well as a handicrafts museum. The Ohře education and recreation centre houses interactive models powered by the flow of the river, including a nativity scene. From Královské Poříčí you can head out along trail No. 14, which has information boards explaining the history of the village.


Šachetní 135, 357 41 Královské Poříčí

GPS: 50.1955333333, 12.673875


+420737 136 766

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