Cross-country skiing – fresh air and wonderful wintry views

Cross-country skiing

Krkonoše Cross-Country Route Krkonoše Cross-Country Route Ski along the roof of Bohemia /s/krkonose-cross-country-route Cross-country skiing
Kvilda Kvilda Ski through the magnificent Kvilda area in Šumava /s/sumava-kvilda-cross-country Cross-country skiing
Jeseníky Jeseníky Through a mountain kingdom on the Jeseníky Cross-Country Route /s/jeseniky-cross-country-route Cross-country skiing
Jizera Cross-Country Route Jizera Cross-Country Route Set off on the white trail of the Jizera Cross-Country Route! /s/jizerske-hory-cross-country-route Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing: Great tips for those who don’t need huge hills to ski and have fun in the snow.

Do you know that feeling when a white trail stretches off into the distance before you and your cross-country skis slide contentedly along step by step? Then you will like the Jizerská magistrála, which is one of the most popular cross-country skiing trails in the Czech Republic. The Jizerská padesátka long-distance cross-country ski race takes place on it every year, intended for recreational skiers and for professionals. If you long for a true sporting challenge, set out for the Krušné Mountains in the footsteps of a great Czech athlete on the Lukáš Bauer Tour course.

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