Bohemian Switzerland (České Švýcarsko)
is one of the four national parks in the
Czech Republic. Massive rock towers,
gates, walls, gorges, towns and mazes
were formed through the erosion of
Cretaceous marine sediments. The park
is 97 percent covered by forests. Its
location at the border with Germany
makes the Saxon Switzerland National
Park its neighbour.
The gateway to Bohemian Switzerland
is the town of Hřensko, which is the
lowest-lying municipality in the Czech
Republic. The 20-kilometre nature trail
Around Hřensko takes you through all
of Bohemian Switzerland – leading past
steep walls, through tunnels, and in some
places just by ferryboat along the river
Kamenice. In the past, the Kamenice
was both an obstacle and also a source
of income, from floating wood down the
waterway and fishing trout and salmon.
Today, the gorges are a tourist attraction,
equipped with floating walkways,
tunnels, footbridges and a weir. Silent
(Tichá) Gorge, also known as Edmund’s
(Edmundova) Gorge, was opened
in 1890, and Wild (Divoká) Gorge
in 1898.
Enjoy the panoramas from the look-
out points at Mary’s Rock, Šaunštejn
or Belvedere, which is the oldest
observation spot in Czech Switzerland.
It offers a beautiful view of the 130-metre
canyon of the river Labe (Elbe) and of the
Zirkelstein and Kaiserkrone plateaux
on the German side.
Reason to visit
The heart of Bohemian Switzerland
is Pravčická brána, which is the largest
natural rock gate in Europe. This rock
formation’s monumental height and
mass will completely astonish you
– it spans 27 metres and rises to a height
of 21 metres. Attesting to the fairytale
atmosphere of Pravčická brána is the
fact that the famous Danish author Hans
Christian Andersen wrote part of his fairy
tale “The Snow Queen” here. It has also
charmed Hollywood filmmakers, who
shot several scenes for The Chronicles
of Narnia here.
If you are caught in rainy weather, head
to the House of Bohemian Switzerland
in Krásná Lípa. In addition to tourist
information, you will find an interactive
exhibition which will delight anyone
who wants to discover the landscape
of Bohemian Switzerland with all the
senses. The highlight is a twenty-
minute projection of the stirring film
The Mysterious Landscape.
GPS for Hřensko:
50°52‘26.020“N, 14°14‘10.390“E
130 km; 1 hour 50minutes.
Direct connections from the
Main Railway Station to Děčín about
every two hours; journey time 1 hour
45 minutes. From there, buses go to
Hřensko–Mezná several times a day;
journey time 40minutes.
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